Executives Positions

Here you will find some of the executives positions that is handled in Jugada Maestra. If you consider that you are suitable for any of these positions, enter your curriculum through this link

Even if Jugada Maestra post particular positions, these have an specificity profile that will be guaranteed to the client. Jugada Maestra will be responsible. Your resume will be analyzed and reviewed for the position that you have selected, however this specificity define if it match or not. Thanks for trust in us.

Most demanded positions

General Management

For local companies or with foreign investment without corporate report.

Marketing & Sales Management

Commercial, Operations, Logistics, Financial, HR, R+D, Technique, Marketing

Operations Management

(Production & Logistics)

Financial & Administrative Management

(Planning, IT, Human Resources)

Technical Positions

Specialists, for an indefinite term or for projects.

Boards of Directors

Succession of General Manager, Corporate Governance Management, selection of the Board of Directors.